While the dresses, suits, décor and themes may seem similar, each wedding is unique – with a new story to tell of how two people found love. It might be a one-day event for many, but for the couple, it is a moment that lasts forever. It is a memory they cherish for years to come.

Celebrating and capturing the love between two soulmates with a friendly face behind the camera lens is a charm on its own. The love on this side of the lens is for the art and impact of wedding photography in NYC.

I have learned and perfected my style of wedding photojournalism, photographing moments that may be otherwise forgotten. I begin each project by getting to know the couple and the unique story of how the universe brought them together.

From there, my goal is to create a wedding photography package to suit all the couple’s needs and budget. Whether you’re eloping or have planned an elaborate affair, I plan each event with a holistic approach, making sure all our bases are covered.

I plan for perfect execution, creating a wedding photography experience that you both get to enjoy while making memories and immortalizing them for years to come. If you’re ready to talk wedding, give me a call today.