Weddings, Events, Portraits photographer based in New York City


Covering Social and Corporate Events, Capturing Moments as They Pass

Whether it’s a corporate party where your business is in action or a social gathering with all your friends, family and loved ones under one roof, Lana's-Eye covers each event so moments are captured in their essence.
A New York City photographer, Lana's-Eye has established her expertise in event photography and other fields with years of practice. The love and passion she has been behind the camera lens enable her to tell the story of your event in lively images.

Social Events

New York City has quite a vibrant atmosphere and vibe. From bar and bar mitzvahs to celebrity galas, new year’s parties and more, we New Yorkers like to do it big. As a New York City event photographer, my job is to capture people having fun in real-time. 
Whether they are dancing the night away, having a conversation with friends, or want a few portraits for social media, I can cover it all.

Corporate Events

Meetings, seminars, holiday parties, award ceremonies, conferences, launches, fund-raisers and all other types of corporate events under the radar deserve to be captured professionally. 

I can provide both professional portraits and group photos along with a few more engaging photos that cover the event in its entirety. I work seamlessly to make sure I don’t get in the way of anything important while still being able to capture big moments and details.

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